Weekly Synopsis

Tuesday. Woke up feeling determined.   Spent most of the day editing the hell out of the first three chapters, before going back to the ultimate self-torture... the ****ing synopsis.

The Abominable Synopsis

Capturing the essence of a 90,000 words (±) novel is a bloody nightmare. We spend weeks, months and years, scripting stories, creating characters, in 500; is a bloody nightmare. Or is it because and I'm trying too hard too hard in my attempts to wow a potential agent?  

The things I do to try and get myself into print…

"You can't really go wrong if you aim for 500-800 words and, for sure, keep the thing to less than 1,000 words. Agents asking for a 1-page synopsis are being unrealistic. Anyone who wants more than 1,000 words doesn't know what a synopsis is." Thank you Jericho Writers, I keep reminding myself of this.... Continue Reading →

300 WORD SYNOPSIS: Getting it Right … without losing the plot …

I've been at it for 5 hours ... today that is.  I've lost count of the total amount of hours I've already spent trying to achieve a 300-word killer synopsis and feel like I could be losing the plot. Anyway ... back to the drawing board ... for however long it takes ... until the... Continue Reading →

How to write a synopsis without tearing your hair out …

It doesn't matter don't how long it takes you to finish writing your book. Every time I read through/edit mine, I know I can do better. Writing 75,000 words is a walk in the park compared to condensing it on to one page of A4, in double line spacing, which is nothing short of a bloody nightmare. As for the query letter? I haven't got that far yet.

Writing a Synopsis … Aaaaggghh!

How difficult can it be?  You've written the bloody book right?  You know the story inside out right? So, why oh why  is writing the goddam synopsis so damn difficult?!!!!!!!!!!

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