The Dotage Diaries – The Terrible Twins: Alexa and Dot

When I was in my prime, my life revolved around my job.  Now, after too many years on the 9-5 treadmill doing something that was never me, I am finally living my life around doing what I enjoy doing the most. Working from home, life is great but, just having got into the swing of my new laid-back existence, two... Continue Reading →

The Dotage Diaries – I am turning into my mother

I have just had to sit down because I've had a bit of a shock.   I looked into the mirror and saw someone looking remarkably like my mother staring back at me. I swear I heard her say "Look at the state of your hair!", which is even more worrying really, given that she... Continue Reading →

The Dotage Diaries – Just another manic Monday

So ... I lit a fire and immersed myself in The Times General Knowledge Crossword and because it is a Monday, it's really easy. I know all the answers. I just can't remember some of them at the moment but I am sure I will after another cup of coffee.

The Dotage Diaries – The Gradual Decline

Opening your fridge door to find your confused but well fed cat suffering from a mild case of hyperthermia or when you start leaving your bunch of keys in your the door when you go shopping.

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