You would have a field day with me Mr Freud …

I suffer from Arachnophobia at the best of times ... in fact anything with a 8 legs and a plump, hairy abdomen and I'm off. So, why would I dream about a tarantula crawling across my face and open mouth?


Steroid Euphoria

At the beginning of 2017, I was dragging myself around like a 100 year old tortoise. My daily regime had become pathetic. I would lie in bed until almost midday when, guilt ridden, I would rouse myself. I would eventually give in to my dog's pleading I really, really want to go for a walk now look and amble up the road and back. The rest of the day would spend doing chores in between lying down on the bed or sofa and I didn't want to talk to a soul.

The Dotage Diaries – Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights these days don't pose too much of a problem for me given that I no longer have to don a suit and go to work. However, being awake half the night inevitably does has a knock on effect. I get nothing done around the house or the garden. As for trying to pack 20 years of global travel on a budget when you haven't got the energy to pop out to the supermarket ...

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