Attention all Jersey Writers!  Creative Writing Workshop Coming Soon!

If you are just dabbling with the idea your writing your first novel or ploughing your way through the first draft this is a weekend you should definitely be a part of this weekend because I guarantee that you will feel totally motivated by the end of it

I am having a Purple Patch and loving it!

I have blogged about Writer's Block several times.  Those awful periods when you can't see the keyboard through the fog. The times when I feel that I have so much going on inside my head, I just can squeeze the words out onto the page.  Saturated brain.  On many occasions I have been so desperate to write about something, that I... Continue Reading →

Breaking The Block

I seem to be having problems with my palabras and I am in a panic. I am more than capable of churning out a 1000 words a day and generally after a day's work. I may stay up most of the night to achieve it but I get such a buzz having done it, I... Continue Reading →

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