EXTRACT FROM An Honest Review – Character Insight – DCI Humphrey Middleton

‘Working up until the end, were you?’ He asked, watching Jocelyn’s face as if expecting a reaction. When he was alone with a corpse, he always liked to chat with them. After assuring them he would find their killer, he enjoyed a bit of one-sided banter with them, as well as the odd laugh.  ‘If you made a note of whodunit, that would be useful. It would make my life a lot easier.’   There were two empty glasses and a cocktail shaker on the bedside table. Humphrey picked the shaker and shook it. It was empty. Holding one the glasses to his nose, he sniffed it.   ‘Juniperus communis.’ He said, looking at Jocelyn again. ‘You obviously liked your gin. Still the party girl, then?’


EXTRACT FROM An Honest Review – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’  William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 'What can you tell me about Arthur Boniface, Sergeant?' 'Well, he's lived in Didsbrook for over 20 years now. He's a retired actor who was at Cambridge with Mrs Robertshaw, back in the... Continue Reading →

Less is More

God forbid that I would want to bludgeon the reader with anything but I have taken these words of wisdom on board as I sift through the manuscript again.

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