Salman Abedi triggered the Manchester Arena blast, killing himself, 22 others and injuring nearly 60 people. ISIS may have claimed responsibility this heinous crime, just up their street, but it maybe that Abedi acted alone, his tormented brain driven by pure evil and hate. How and why did it get to the stage when a 22-year-old Abedi, barely in adulthood himself, was compelled to carry out such a horrendous act of violence? There is no glory in committing such a cowardly attack, all it does is glorify the perpetrator as a blood thirsty butcher intent on taking out their extremist, twisted and barbaric ideologies out on the babies of the civilised world. A cowardly abomination.

Music Video – Young Monarch 

Now, here is something new and different for you ...  From Manchester but lead singer Rebeca Lewis grew up in Jersey ... what a great voice. On their website, Scruff of the Neck Records describe their sound as 'A blissful combination of classical instruments and silky smooth vocal... Young Monarch peddle a kind of post-pop... Continue Reading →

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