DEFINING MOMENT 10 – BONDING Bite-sized Extract #read #fiction #enjoy #like

If at any stage Arthur thought that a much younger wife would look after him, he was wrong, as Elizabeth employed a live-in carer before they left the registry office.  Elizabeth had no scruples when it came to getting what she wanted and she reeled in Arthur for exactly the same reason she had trapped Fergus, his bank balance; another loveless marriage to satisfy her financial craving.


DEFINING MOMENT 7 – NEW LIFE Bite-sized Extract #read #fiction #enjoy #like

Lonely, bittersweet women's fiction novel seeks sympathetic agent with GSOH to share the roller-coaster ride towards getting published. October 1959 -  The birth of our main protagonist, Lisa Grant.

The One

Lucy takes a walk to the pub on a glorious summer evening with the new man in her life and opens her heart to tell him how she is feeling about him, her adulterous accountant ex-boyfriend and life in general.

No need for words …

The photo says it all ...

QOTD – Dalai Lama – Help others, do not hurt them

Wishing You Peace and Love This Christmas

Cassie the Blog Dog and I have been a bit lazy recently sharing our frivolous blogs of wisdom, but we have been a bit caught up with life in general and, on top of that, the Christmas spirit is beginning to take over. We will be blogging again soon but for now we would like... Continue Reading →

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