At dawn one morning I found myself talking to the Universe, well nobody else seemed to be listening and begging it to make my shit state of affairs go away. The mighty Universe must have heard, as shortly after my impassioned plea, I was scrolling through Facebook and found Julianne Palmer, a clairvoyant in Australia.  I noticed that one of my friends had liked her page, so I had a look. In the past, I had never paid too much attention to what the stars had to say about what fate lay in store for me, but I was desperate for an indication from somebody, that my life was going to improve.  So I took a leap of faith and picked a card.

QOTD:  Take Time – What makes you happy?

  I love this quote ... which I confess  I filched from Sorry Julianne. Julianne Palmer is  a Clairvoyant Medium who has be practicing since 2007. So, what makes your soul happy?    

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