Starting a New Decade with a Bang (on the head)

NYE's never fails to evoke a degree of emotion, even more so when it's the end of a decade.  As a subconscious switch was about to turn on the emotional NYE waterworks, one of the five framed pictures of flowers above my bedhead, all embroidered by my late mother, just happened to fall on my head. I had to laugh. Was it my mother's way of wishing me a happy new year from some parallel universe? Or was the Universe itself sending me a positive sign that, if I keep a clear head, 2020 just might be my year? Bring it on!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you rocked out in style?!

Wherever in the world you are ... I wish you peace and everything that you wish for yourself in 2015. I hope you welcomed the New Year in with style? For me, spending it with the people I care about the most was key.  At home, in front of a roaring fire with plenty of... Continue Reading →

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