14 Days and Counting and Time to press the Christmas Panic Button

It all went very smoothly, apart from the yearly dash to the shop to replace the tree lights we only bought last year.

Writing for Your Life

  I've been pussyfooting around this passion of mine for too long and now I feel like I am writing for my life.

J K Rowling kicks troll into cyberspace following disparaging Tweet about Serena Williams

Love it! Love it! Love it!  I may be gunning for Internet Trolls, but J K Rowling certainly packs a better punch than I do.  No more so than her response to a Tweet which made reference to Serena Williams 'looking like a man'.  This is what she said:  "she is built like a man". Yeah, my... Continue Reading →

“writing about a writer’s block is better than not writing at all” ― Charles Bukowski – SO I HAVE!

I have been struggling with the curse of the scribblers recently, the dreaded Writer's Block. So I heeded Mr Bukowski's* advice and am writing about it. I have come to the conclusion that mine is due to Congestion Block. In a five minute car journey, can think if hundreds of topics, plots and places, that... Continue Reading →

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