A History of Britain in 21 Women by Dame Jenni Murray

In a world where our history is defined by men, this is an account that is long overdue.

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2017

International Women's Day 2017 campaign theme: #BeBoldForChange Get ready to celebrate the inspirational women of this world and the list is endless ... here are some of the women who continue to inspire me.  Women who have the guts to stick their heads above the parapet and speak their minds for the greater good of many. Nimko Ali -  FGM (female... Continue Reading →

Political Hiatus:  where do we go from here?

In these unstable times, our shrinking and volatile world needs us all to pull together and unite more than ever before. I hardly had time to mourn the implications of Brexit, when I became consumed with the US Presidential Election. I try never to publicly air my political views, particularly after receiving a post Brexit bashing after... Continue Reading →

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