Writing No-go Areas: Politics, Religion, and Sex

I've learned by experience that one misconstrued adjective about a leading politician, even in jest, leads to the loss of hundreds of  Social Media followers.  And where would we be without our Social Media friends? As Brexit looms, hard or soft, who knows? It is very tempting to let rip about how I feel about the UK leaving the EU.  I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, our rock nestles off the coast of mighty France.  So close you can almost smell the freshly baked croissants.  If I shout, bon matin tout le monde from our north coast, I can expect to hear a rallying cry of bonjour mon ami echoing back across the 14 mile stretch of La Manche (English Channel) that separates us.  Jersey may not be politically entwined with the UK, but I feel we are bracing ourselves for less of the bon accord we have so enjoyed for many years.


The Week That Was – News from around the Globe

Saturday 4th July - USA - Celebrations Where did you celebrate your Independence Day?  The New York fireworks looked amazing. And Taylor Swift celebrated in style at her Rhode Island home - seen here with house guest  Ed Sheeran. Sunday 5th July -  Greece - Bailout offer rejected by Greek voters Greek referendum show voters rejected the terms of an... Continue Reading →

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