HAGW! Ingredients for a good one!

Have a great weekend and as Patsy Stone would say ... "Keep it classy darlings".

Hello everyone.  Tessa has just told me off because I have not blogged for some time.  I am sorry about that, but I have had so much on during the summer.  Well, if you can call it summer.  In and out of the showers I have been running around with my friends Archie and Poppy which has... Continue Reading →

Man’s Best Friend (MBS) – Writers Workshop 5-7th June 2015

Like Tessa, I had such a great time at MBS's Writers Workshop this weekend and made a lot of new friends, especially Dachsi McWhorter - seen here working on his manuscript. I have told him it would be much easier if he bought himself a laptop and learned to type, but old habits die hard I... Continue Reading →

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