And now a Matador is dead …. STOP BULLFIGHTING NOW!

SIGN THE PETITION @ 11th July 2016 Above photo is of the 28-year-old Matador Victor Barrio who was gored to death on Saturday I am actually doing it! It's the perfect blend of adventure and culture. I'm hooked Joe Escalante  - Bullfighter from the USA Adventure and Culture? On Friday, as the news starting filtering... Continue Reading →


Briton gored by bulls in Pamplona 07/07/2015

Two other people were injured (and the number is rising) as well at the start of Pamplona's Running of the Bulls Festival. Just how many more people are going to be badly injured or, even worse, killed during this abhorrent excuse for a sport? I know it is tradition, I know it is a part of... Continue Reading →

Gored in the Gonads in Madrid

We blogged about a Young American gored by a bull in Salamanca during a Bull Run in February 2015.  You would be forgiven for thinking that the Salamanca blog was one of my GOW Rants and you would be right.  I find Bull Fighting and Bull Running completely abhorrent, but who am I to pour cold water on traditional 'entertainment'... Continue Reading →

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