Out of office memo …

Dear Lost Bloggers It is that time of year.  I  have headed to the coast for a little over two weeks of R and R. I have not left a forwarding address and there is nobody picking up my calls. Whilst working on a suntan, I am grappling with the first complete draft my manuscript on... Continue Reading →

“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare

I am not quite sure why at this particular time of my life I feel an overwhelming need to check out my daily horoscope. Fortunately I am not quite neurotic enough to feel compelled to consult an astrologer to convince me that it is safe to go out of the house; just in case someone... Continue Reading →

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Tessa Barrie

I apologise to Harold Fry's creator, Rachel Joyce, for the analogy in the title of this post. Of course my epic journey would have been nothing like as dramatic as Harold's. But the thought hit me, when walking along the beach around about Trafal in the Algarve the other day, in an attempt to burn... Continue Reading →

GROUCHY BLOGS – Relaxing on the Beach

How difficult can it be? I am a self confessed beach bum. I love the beach with a passion. So why can't I get comfortable? I can't seem to mould myself into low slung beach chairs any more. I am too mean to buy two sun loungers for the day. I am not going to... Continue Reading →

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