Sleepless Night after BBC’s Awakening

It has been a week of catching up on iplayer or hub.  Unforgotten (hooked), Apple Tree Yard (confused) and finally catching up with the last episode of  Silent Witness during the early hours of this morning  - Awakening Part 2 . It was bad enough watching our much-loved pathologist, Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), being spat upon by El Buitre (Zombie Boy),... Continue Reading →

The Night Manager – A romping good yarn

I A romping good yarn written by John Le Carré?  Well, you would expect little else.  If you haven't caught up with the series.  Look away now.  < p style="text-align:left;">   Another triumph for the BBC, I thought.  The cast, were nothing less than brilliant.  Olivia (bring on Jane Bond) Coleman never fails to deliver.  What a part... Continue Reading →

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