My Life in Resus or An Appreciation A&E Doctors and Nurses Everywhere

17th June 2017


My body is rigid; my mind is numb as I lie here trying to make some sense of my dream, which is a reflection of reality.

A war-zone of bloody carnage, multiple casualties and fatalities, dismembered limbs; puncture wounds, bullet wounds and horrific burns. Children too.  It’s been a brutal few months.  Will it never end?

child in A&E

I never thought it would happen to me. Letting self-doubt slide through a chink in the armour around my head.  I never thought that the passion I feel for what I do could ever be compromised. I am the paradigm of an A&E nurse. I am the one that is chosen, but I would happily volunteer to chaperone young nurses during their first few days and weeks in A&E. I am bomb proof.

Hearing the red phone ring, then the words … trauma in 10 … has always fuelled my fire. The opportunity to save precious lives is what I was born to do. I expect the worst possible scenario and deal with it as a part of my team. We are all trained to save lives. I am always calm and composed in extreme circumstances.

To be there for the patient, the traumatised, the terrified, who often with life-changing injuries. I comfort, calm and hold their hands when, for whatever reason, their loved ones can’t be there.

A&E is my life and my shift starts again in an hour.  My brain overrides the self-doubt and the negativity. My body stirs.  This is what I do. I save lives.  And today is no different from any other.