I am fortunate enough to be a member of the Jersey Writer’s Social Group.

We meet once a week at the Library to toss ideas around and get friendly feedback from other members on our own writing.

There is nothing quite like hanging out with like-minded people.


Our host, James Sillwood, is a published author, although he tends to write under the pseudonym of James Faro. James is currently compiling an anthology of all our members work.

In the meantime, some of us have already been published individually, either under our own names or pseudonyms and we love receiving reviews.

Juanita Sheild-Laignel’s book ‘Occupation Reconciliation’, The Life and Times of Michael Ginns MBE was published towards the end of 2018. Born in 1927, Michael was destined to become one of Jersey’s foremost historians and authorities on the isle’s Occupied history and his efforts were rewarded when he received an MBE in 1995. Michael wrote extensively about his internment and the subsequent twinning with the once imprisoning town of Bad Wurzach, but little else of his life had been documented, so with experience of interviewing for The Jersey life, Juanita set about chronicling Michael’s life for all to read. You can contact Juanita @

Mark Thomas is a dark horse. I only found out last week that he has a book for sale on Amazon.  Crooks Wraith at Midnight, written under his pseudonym of Mach Thomas is a Young Adult story. The Boy, The Brother, The Wraith.  When Teenager Danny is left in charge of his home and younger sister, he has ideas of an easy evening. But something malevolent is coming and will force him to chase it. Chase it to a world of nightmares, ravenous creatures and ghouls where the sun is a distant memory and life as he knows it has been extinguished.  Guiding his way is someone who is either a friend or a different type of monster with an agenda all his own. In Crook’s world, the monsters have taken over.  What are you waiting for?  Go and chose those monsters

James Faro’s The Assiduous Quest of Tobias Hopkins: The Complete Novel is available now on Amazon.

It is October in the year 1675. New England trader, Tobias Hopkins, arrives in Jamaica to discover the truth about his missing father. It transpires that not only has the man been dead for six years, but he has left Toby with a half-brother and the clue to an inheritance which promises to change the course of their lives. Will the cryptic message written by his father lead Toby to a promised fortune, or will it lead him into the hands of those who aim to destroy him? Others lay in wait, watching Toby’s every move. Who can he trust? His faithful associate, John, the astute businesswoman Elizabeth, or Magdalena, mother of his half-brother Eduardo? Some of those around him are not what they seem to be, and it soon becomes clear that Toby and those closest to him are in imminent danger.
Toby sails to the Island of Nevis where he is rewarded with the fruits of his quest. However, it is when he sets sail for Virginia that Tobias Hopkins and his crew face the consequences of his actions.

Me, donkey’s years ago, well 1998, masquerading under as myself.  Co-written with my late step-father, Brian Trubshaw, Brian Trubshaw – Test Pilot is about Brian’s aviation career, leading up to his role as the British Chief Test Pilot on Concorde.  Happy times at a book signing with Brian and Jonathan Falconer of Sutton Publishing.

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