Life is not about how you survive the storm,

it’s about how you dance in the rain


dancing in the rain

I put together a birthday video for the mum of one of my oldest friends recently and when my friend saw it she said ‘It actually made me a bit teary, but we have had some great times haven’t we?’

And we have.  I have … I may tell myself that what has gone, has gone and that I should be focussing on the now more, but there are some memories, good and bad, that can never fade and here are some of them.

teenager rolling her eyesBoarding School Badass

Boarding School RebellionDetention

Tales from the African BushLeopard

Carpe DiemCarpe Diem2

My Greek GenesTRACING MY ROOTS – Finding out more about My Greek Genes


Flight cancelled and feeling the love for sherbet lemon popcorn


It’s only when I laugh



The Dotage Diaries – The Gradual Decline


Fantasy Days – Do you ever have them

Best buds with Fascinating Aida? Only in my dreams







Life beyond the Midlife Crisis


Hangover Headbanger

The only hangover sympathiser