ABOUT – Tessa Barrie

MARCH 2017

Random Blogger from Jersey, Channel Islands who has been lost in the writing wilderness for years.  Best known for her GOW Rants (Grumpy Old Woman and Grumpy Old Writer) and niche-less blogging.  Sex, religion and politics are supposed to be no-blog zones but sometimes she just can’t help herself.   Her posts are tongue in cheek,  but she has been known to climb aboard her soapbox and get serious.

No-blog zones

Tessa Barrie is a lover of the musical theatre, Fascinating Aida and Cassie the Blog Dog.  Her writing is riddled with clichés and idioms, but she is working on that, along with her first novel.


Tessa Barrie has written on and off since she was 8, when she won a Blue Peter badge for writing an upbeat poem about one of the Blue Peter dogs.

Blue Peter Badge
Tessa Barrie’s first writing award … the prestigious Blue Peter badge … she was heartbroken when it got lost.

She went on to receive several prizes in the equally prestigious Brooke Bond National School Awards for art, essays, handwriting and creative writing, which was when she first discovered how much she craved seeing her name in print.

She had poetry published in her early teens but, fortunately, the dismal teen angst poetry morphed into dismal teen angst lyrics …

Flyin’ free without you/Is not what I had planned/See, seeing you without me/Is more than I can stand … 

At 14, after she taught herself to play the guitar, she started writing songs, attempting to write a musical, South Sea Island Blues, at just 15 years old.  Inspired by repeatedly listening to her mother’s South Pacific L.P., she was determined to stage a performance at school.  Sadly, despite auditioning feverishly, the production never got off the ground, due to the lack of theatrically minded English public schoolgirls who were interested in playing the parts of heavily tattooed sailors.

Her dreams of staging a musical may have been dashed but, undaunted, she went on to stage a variety show at school, raising money for a local charity and receiving several curtain calls for her performance of Honey Bun.  This is Kelli O’Hara performing Honey Bun in 2008.  Coincidentally Kelli is born on the same day as Tessa, but a decade or so later.

Tessa’s song writing career peaked in 2005 when she was one of the Song of the Year finalists, then crashed.

Her great passions in life include travel, the musical theatre, music in all genres, Fascinating Aida and Cassie the Blog Dog.

Throughout most of her life she has written on a  freelance basis, blogged about up and coming bands, co-written a couple of books and generally made little progress.

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  1. Loved your explanation about dogs finding us and I agree with you. Both Bob and Ellie found us, Bob when we moved into a new house that felt strange and I was lost in it. He solved that problem. Ellie when I was made redundant, since she arrived our lives have changed in many ways.
    Interesting site, I will follow with delight.


  2. Now you kindly visited my little corner of the blogosphere and that was lovely so here I am to see who you are Tessa. Love the intro and wholeheartedly agree (as a bloke) with you feminist rants. Even today on Woman’s Hour it told me the Wikipedia, the knowledge repository for mankind (so it claims) is edited by 97%men which makes it half the knowledge of the world and probably a lot less given the focus of most blokes. So keep ranting, start a campaign for Caitlin Moran to be made a dame and I’m following. It’s women’s turn to run things and sort things out or mess things up. We’ve had our go and it hasn’t been a total success.

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