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I have hidden behind the pseudonym Tessa Barrie since I left school and started writing for the local rag. My mother would not have approved of her shy retiring daughter writing about subjects considered a little risqué for rural Gloucestershire during the 1970’s.  After that, it kind of stuck.

I co-authored Brian Trubshaw – Test Pilot in 1998 and assisted with the compilation of Concorde – The Inside Story in 2000.

Blogging, in a musical niche, became addictive at the end of the Nineties, until I reached Grumpy Old Woman status and my blogs naturally progressed to menopause and other irritating topics.

Now my blogs may be genre free, but my first-born novel-in-progress is a rom-com.



The Unexpurgated Version

I received my first writing accolade at the age of seven, the illustrious Blue Peter badge.

Blue Peter Badge
My venerable Blue Peter badge … I was gutted when I lost it …

I have always loved writing.  I didn’t have a particularly easy childhood and writing became a form of escapism for me.  I had poetry published by the time I was 12 but, fortunately, my miserable pre-pubescent poetry evolved into tormented teenage angst lyrics when I entered my songwriting phase. A phase that I finally grew out of forty years later.

Throughout my life, I have written on a freelance basis, co-written two factual books, whilst holding down a proper job.  The plan was always to make writing my full-time occupation … one day … but the necessity to earn a regular income always got in the way.

In 2015, I started having in-depth discussions with the Universe about my future.  I didn’t hold back, The Universe has been around forever, so it is very patient and a very good listener.  I confessed that I felt like a drudge to my 9-5, Monday to Friday existence.  I was looking for something more enlightening in my life, even if it meant for less financial reward.

The Universe doesn’t beat around the bush, but it was a shock when I was made redundant in June 2015.  Jobless at the wrong side of 50 is not good news because finding yourself another one is a nightmare.


Whilst still reeling from that bombshell, four family members died in quick succession.  It was fate in its rawest sense.  I would never have been allowed the amount of time off work I needed during the six months that followed.

It was during that time that the words Carpe and Diem started springing to mind and I was thinking …

Sod it!  Life’s too short not to be doing something you love.

doing what you love

And so I did, I started writing my first novel the week I was made redundant and am currently grappling with re-write number seven.

I became a student of Qi Gong at the end of 2016 and my world, generally, is a much calmer place.

Talk to the Universe – but be careful what you ask for …



  1. Loved your explanation about dogs finding us and I agree with you. Both Bob and Ellie found us, Bob when we moved into a new house that felt strange and I was lost in it. He solved that problem. Ellie when I was made redundant, since she arrived our lives have changed in many ways.
    Interesting site, I will follow with delight.

  2. Now you kindly visited my little corner of the blogosphere and that was lovely so here I am to see who you are Tessa. Love the intro and wholeheartedly agree (as a bloke) with you feminist rants. Even today on Woman’s Hour it told me the Wikipedia, the knowledge repository for mankind (so it claims) is edited by 97%men which makes it half the knowledge of the world and probably a lot less given the focus of most blokes. So keep ranting, start a campaign for Caitlin Moran to be made a dame and I’m following. It’s women’s turn to run things and sort things out or mess things up. We’ve had our go and it hasn’t been a total success.

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