Defining Moments is a 93,000 word bittersweet coming of (middle) age story about Baby Boomer, Lisa Grant.

Writing it was the easy part, editing it was the hair tearing out part and trying to find representation… someone to love my characters as much as I do… is the hardest part of all.  The blue links will take you to some of my characters… reaching out for love.

Elizabeth, Lisa’s cold, narcissist and mostly absent Mother, who harbours dark secrets from her past.
Lisa’s handsome, charismatic Father, Fergus struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.

Defining Moments

1.                                    Lisa



2                                  Elizabeth


3                                  Fergus


4                                  For Richer, Not Poorer

5                                  Lady of the Manor

6                                  Living a Lie


Lisa’s Birth

7                                  New Life

8                                  Learning the Hard Way

Childhood – Irreconcilable Difficulties

9                                  Blame it on the Mother

10                                Bonding

11                                Time to Get Tough

Adolescence – The Truth is out

12                                The Truth is Out


13                                Mother v Daughter

14                                Turning Eighteen

15                                The Ultimate Betrayal

16                                Getting back in Touch

17                                Into Exile

18                                New Beginnings

19                                The Truth about Henry

20                                Luck be an Iron Lady


21                                Escape to London

22                                HoneyBun

23                               Luck be an Agony Aunt

24                                The Spark of a Flame

25                                Fisticuffs at Fanny’s

26                                Katzenjammer

Womanhood – The Feeling Never Dies

27                                The Feeling Never Dies

28                                Moving On

29                                Blood Letting

30                                Double Disloyalty

31                                Charred Remains

32                                Stagnating

33                                Steps to Avoid a Midlife Crisis

34                                The Pitch


35                                Life Begins at Forty

Quadragenarian – A Responsible Forty Year Old

36                                A Responsible Forty       Year Old

37                                Lisa Dear

38                                Life Changing Decision


39                                The Road South

40                                The Basque Country

Liberation – Taking it Slow

41                                Taking it Slow

42                                Christmas Morning

43                                Christmas Afternoon

44                                The Surprise Visit

45                                Millennium Eve


46                                Emotional Overload

47                                Return to Gloucestershire

48                                Saying Goodbye

49                                Delicious Ambiguity

50                                Going the Wrong Way

51                                Back Where it All Began

52                                Drowning Sorrows

53                                Feeling with Your Heart

54                                Soul Mates for Life