EXTRACT FROM An Honest Review – Character Insight – DCI Humphrey Middleton

‘Working up until the end, were you?’ He asked, watching Jocelyn’s face as if expecting a reaction. When he was alone with a corpse, he always liked to chat with them. After assuring them he would find their killer, he enjoyed a bit of one-sided banter with them, as well as the odd laugh.  ‘If you made a note of whodunit, that would be useful. It would make my life a lot easier.’   There were two empty glasses and a cocktail shaker on the bedside table. Humphrey picked the shaker and shook it. It was empty. Holding one the glasses to his nose, he sniffed it.   ‘Juniperus communis.’ He said, looking at Jocelyn again. ‘You obviously liked your gin. Still the party girl, then?’


Leaving the Pantser in Me Behind

In June 2016 an idea for a book I'd been carrying around in my head for years, began clogging up my thought process.  I needed to write it, a.s.a.p. and, as luck would have it... I was made redundant.  So I threw myself into writing Just Say It. After I started it, I realised I had little else apart from the main character and, after writing the first draft, she was beginning to sound alarmingly like me.  The pantser-style first draft was nothing more than an autobiographical unburdening of my life to date, with a large dollop of post-redundancy frustration on top. After a total overhaul of the original manuscript my MC, Lisa Grant, thankfully, took on a life of her own.  It took me four and a half years to finish her story.  The storyline often going off at tangents, which produced unrealistic MC goals and hours of frustrating rewrites.

EXTRACT FROM An Honest Review – Welcome Home

The day I returned home is one never forget.  The images appear inside my head when I least expect them to.  On the train, going to work, or sitting at my desk, they take me by surprise, clear, concise, bold flashbacks. They also haunt my dreams.  It is a day that etched into my memory.... Continue Reading →

EXTRACT FROM An Honest Review – Innocent Until Proven Guilty

What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’  William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 'What can you tell me about Arthur Boniface, Sergeant?' 'Well, he's lived in Didsbrook for over 20 years now. He's a retired actor who was at Cambridge with Mrs Robertshaw, back in the... Continue Reading →

EXTRACT FROM An Honest Review – Character Insight – Lucy Fothergill

I was born on 11th July 1998, which coincidentally, is World Population Day.   My mother, Joan, had been marvelling at the content of the Fresh Produce section of Didsbrook’s brand new Coop when her waters broke.  Legend has it, my father, George, with the help of the store manager, bundled her into a trolley and wheeled her across the cobbled market place to the Didsbrook Cottage Hospital.  Shortly after they wheeled her in, I popped out and the World Population counter flipped over to add one more.

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