Whilst on safari, I lost weight fairly quickly and it wasn't just to do with the heat. After enjoying a sundowner watching impala gambol happily in the bush, we would return to camp to find them on the dinner menu, which was just too hard to swallow. The only time I have ever been offered a gin and tonic for breakfast at 5.00a.m. was on safari and it was the only time I have ever refused one, sensibly realising I was getting enough quinine in my anti-malarial tablets.

Cincinnati Zoo – The Moral Debate

I see from their website that Cincinatti Zoo are in the process of raising money to build a bigger and better gorilla facility. So was this enclosure flawed in some way? It does raise a big question about how the child gained access to the enclosure, unsupervised or not. That said, all children when being taken to such a facility should be under strict supervision by their parents. Zoos are not adventure playgrounds.

Eat Me Anaconda? My Asp!

We did say in our blog of 6th November 2014 that we didn't think  Paul Rosolie offering himself as lunch for an anaconda was such a good idea and guess what?  It wasn't. Wearing a specially designed suit that made him look far more threatening than Darth Vader and being filmed for The Discovery Channel,... Continue Reading →

Eat Me Anaconda!

Naturalist Paul Rosolie is planning to be eaten by an anaconda and the gruesome event will be filmed for a Discovery Channel special to air on 7th December 2014. Although Paul will be wearing a specially designed suit for this feat of madness one cannot help but think this is a really bad idea. Anacondas... Continue Reading →

Chinese Mitten Crabs in the River Clyde

This is the crustacean in question. Photo: Herald Scotland 25/09/14. Although they were first discovered invading the River Thames during the 1930's the problem with them being in the River Clyde is that they prefer to eat larger fish eggs. So the salmon and trout populations are now under threat. The situation is being monitored.... Continue Reading →

Are Creatures Of The Deep Getting Bigger?

Compass Jelly Fish, which can grow to about a foot across, have been spotted off the Coast of Jersey, Channel Islands . Keep a close eye on your children and dogs. Do not touch if you find them washed up on the shore.

I have always been fascinated by the creatures that live in the deepest parts of our oceans. I swam into a small jellyfish in Spain when I was about 8 and got stung, which put me off going in the sea again for the rest of the holiday. But I was very interested to hear... Continue Reading →

Neighbouring Tweets

If we currently have subterranean visitors, our comparatively new neighbours are freaking out about the birds. The amount of them, the dawn chorus and the SH1T they are apparently depositing on their patios; which are at the front and the back of their property. "Shhhhh! We are not supposed to be in this garden!" Photo... Continue Reading →

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