Home is Where the Heart is

I'm biased when it comes to The Algarve.  It is my personal, European haven, the place I would like to spend more time.  It's not just a passing phase, I've been in love with the place for twenty-six years... and who can blame me?  I have waxed lyrical about it since I was blown away on my first visit.


1976 – The Year of the UK Heatwave

Despite the UK's current political shenanigans, us Brits are happy.  Cliff Richard didn't need to sing in the rain to entertain soggy tennis fans during the Wimbledon fortnight, as they enjoyed glorious weather throughout.  Our political climate maybe unstable but meteorologically our weather is as stable as it has ever been as we bathe in... Continue Reading →

Sassenach finds Sun in Scotland

With a heavy heart, I heaved my backpack over my shoulders. “I love you,” I said hoarsely, taking one last look at her normally loving limpid pool eyes, which glowered disbelievingly back at me, daggers drawn and feeling like the biggest shit of all time, I slipped out the front door.  Mental note to self...... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter – Whatever the Weather

As we all settle down for the Easter break, I suspect we will have one eye on the weather.  It's 7C here in Jersey, Channel Islands and hailing right now. I may be dreaming of spending time on the beach, but... if the BBC have got it right... a dream is how it's going to... Continue Reading →


Happy Wednesday.  I'm getting excited about going on my annual holiday next week and took an hour or so today to reflect on what a huge impact travelling has had on my life and this short vid is the outcome.  I have no regrets about spending my hard earned cash on travelling and I haven't... Continue Reading →

Flight cancelled and feeling the love for Sherbet Lemon popcorn

Jersey - the island I know and love as home - with its foggy reputation. Pumped up by the blitz spirit solidarity shared with my fellow Strandees over the last 3 hours, I start throwing my defiant weight around and making myself generally unpopular with the airport staff, who are doing their best, given that there are other passengers still hanging around whose flights were cancelled a couple of hours before ours.

Not so Big Bertha skirts Jersey – Collateral Damage

I think Jersey might have got off quite lightly......

Shorkie Walkies – Beating Big Bertha!

Hi Everyone! Cassie here. Thought Tessa and I should get a good walk in today before Hurricane Bertha arrives ..... well, Tessa walks and I run .... Wheeeeeeee! And it doesn't look like rain let alone a storm at the moment. I'm looking into new stories all the time And our walks are good fact... Continue Reading →

Batten Down Your Hatches – Is Big Bertha About To Hit Channel Islands?

How can our weather go from this A double rainbow taken by Steve Peat at Beaumont, Jersey yesterday evening To this? A satellite image shows Bertha travelling up the Atlantic coast. Bertha is the second hurricane of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season. Photograph: Handout/Getty Images Is Big Bertha heading for the Channel Islands? Well, apparently... Continue Reading →

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