Happy Halloween – Welcome to a Writer’s Nightmare

The Ever Changing Sky

To all those lovely people who have enjoyed and liked our posts over the last week, especially those who have followed us, not just at WordPress but on Twitter @TessaBarrie and on Facebook @LostBlogs. THANK YOU! This is for you all ... with love

Unfit for Travel

12 months ago, I started counting the days until I returned to the one place in the world that I would happily call my home.  The place where, for so many years, I have dithered about permanently leaving the UK for, The Algarve.  It may well happen. I spent 12.5 hours getting here.  There are only... Continue Reading →

The Lost Blogs Video Collection

As our Lost Blogs video collection starts to grow, we have created a page for them.  If you haven't seen any of our videos yet, view the short snippet below which gives you a clue as to what they might be about ... but, always expect the unexpected. To go to our new Video Collection... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let it Happen to You

There are few things in life that really hack me off, but what happened to me this week goes straight to the top of the hacking off tree. It's silent, menacing and evil.  The ultimate way to hack people off.   Don't do what I did ... don't let it happen to you ... don't... Continue Reading →

Randy Rainbow …. a little ray of sunshine in my life ….

Have you had your daily dose of Randy Rainbow? Randy is a comedian, actor, writer, host and Internet sensation best known for his viral comedy videos ... like this one ... and, although I don't want to go all covfefe on you again quite so soon ... I just couldn't resist it.

A Night to Remember … Ariana Grande does Manchester proud

50,000 people attended the One Love Manchester benefit concert tonight at Old Trafford.  Organised by 23-year-old Ariana Grande to raise funds for those affected by the bombing inside Manchester Arena on 22nd May 2017, which killed 22 people and injured more than 100 others. Those who died will never be forgotten as we all pull together in... Continue Reading →

Beyond Belief: Trump’s Apparent Total Misunderstanding of Climate Change

How can anybody turn their back on Climate Change? It is happening. You cannot escape from it. You cannot ignore it. It is not about making the best business deal, it is about making plans for the long term preservation of our planet and every single one of us have a part to play. Nobody should be exempt. For someone who boasts about making his country great again, President Trump's extraordinary decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement is beyond belief.

Donald says … Covfefe …

I have learned two new words this week. I was unsure about blowhard, the word Jeremy Paxman used to describe Theresa May, so looked it up. Once I had, I thought it would perhaps be more aptly suited to Paxman himself.

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