Designer Vaginas

But ... reporting that girls as young as 9 are asking the NHS to perform labiaplasty surgery has ... just about ... left me speechless.  Bought up on a farm in rural Gloucestershire, I had no idea what a vagina was at 9. I think my mother probably referred to it as something else :), but there were far more interesting things for me to be doing at 9 than peering at my vagina.  I wasn't a contortionist anyway and I haven't a hope in hell of getting down there now, but having my labia tweaked has never entered my mind at any stage of my life.


Political Mudslinging and Backbiting is never going to make Britain Great

Today is the UK's General Election Day.   Tucked away in Jersey, Channel Islands, I still consider myself 100% British, despite my true blue British blood having been diluted with a little of my feisty Greek grandmother's.   Although born in Yorkshire, I don't get to vote in the UK Elections, because I have been... Continue Reading →


“Any person who wants to indulge in violence is no longer a genuine Buddhist or genuine Muslim, because it is a Muslim teaching that once you are involved in bloodshed, actually you are no longer a genuine practitioner of Islam.” Dalai Lama - September 2016

Beyond Belief: Trump’s Apparent Total Misunderstanding of Climate Change

How can anybody turn their back on Climate Change? It is happening. You cannot escape from it. You cannot ignore it. It is not about making the best business deal, it is about making plans for the long term preservation of our planet and every single one of us have a part to play. Nobody should be exempt. For someone who boasts about making his country great again, President Trump's extraordinary decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement is beyond belief.


Salman Abedi triggered the Manchester Arena blast, killing himself, 22 others and injuring nearly 60 people. ISIS may have claimed responsibility this heinous crime, just up their street, but it maybe that Abedi acted alone, his tormented brain driven by pure evil and hate. How and why did it get to the stage when a 22-year-old Abedi, barely in adulthood himself, was compelled to carry out such a horrendous act of violence? There is no glory in committing such a cowardly attack, all it does is glorify the perpetrator as a blood thirsty butcher intent on taking out their extremist, twisted and barbaric ideologies out on the babies of the civilised world. A cowardly abomination.

For the love of dogs … if you feel their pain … help stop Yulin Now!

Dogs are snared around the neck with metal hooks, dragged from their cages, then either bludgeoned or stabbed in the neck or groin to be “bled out”. Or they are hanged or electrocuted. It is likely that the dogs witness multiple deaths of their own.

MEP OR MCP? Janusz Korwin-Mikke and his breathtakingly archaic views about women – Kick hate out of the European Parliament NOW!

Whilst watching this video, I had to remind myself that this is 2017. Was Mr Mikke taking the mickey? Bringing down the integrity of the European Parliament in breathtaking style by ranting about male superiority over women. Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke made some outrageous comments about men being superior to women; both brains and brawn. MCP springs to mind. Maybe he has lost his? Maybe he is a throwback from the Dark Ages?

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