The Power of Qigong

When I closed my eyes, there was chaos.  A whirlpool of my life flashing like a technicoloured LED advertising board, down to what was on my shopping list and what I was going to cook for supper.

Barry Manilow is gay? So what?

It has come out this week that Barry Manilow is gay.   It's certainly not big news to his die hard fans, especially as he married his longtime manager, Garry Kief, last year. I thought I would ‘disappoint’ fans if they knew I was gay.  Well, Barry you could not have been more wrong ... you are the ultimate performer... Continue Reading →

In Vino Veritas – The Truth is Out

Once the thrill and synchonated thunder of the club circuit beat has lost its appeal and you have sold your dancing shoes on Ebay; what is the epitome of having a good time? It has to be getting your oldest and best friends round, laying on some good food and yes,  of course, throwing the ever reliable... Continue Reading →

Guilty Pleasure #1 – April 2016

Binge watching Lost ... I surprise myself sometimes, in terms of what TV programmes I get hooked on and Lost has to be at the top of the titillating TV series tree.  I may never know exactly what happened after 6 seasons but for sure, it will have me repeat watching again and again and again.... Continue Reading →

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