Just Say It is my first attempt at writing a novel.  It is the bittersweet story of Lisa Grant who struggles to overcome the emotional impact her narcissistic mother has had on her life.  She holds herself back from committing to a long-term relationship because she is terrified of turning into her mother, until the day she finally manages to say the words I love you.

DEFINING MOMENT 5 – LADY OF THE MANOR Bite-sized Extract #read #fiction #enjoy #like

Elizabeth has ensnared Fergus and they start their married life together at the run-down family pile, Silkwoods in Gloucestershire.

DEFINING MOMENT 4 – FOR RICHER, NOT POORER Bite-sized Extract #read #fiction #enjoy #like

In this bite-size piece of my first novel, Defining Moments, Elizabeth gets closer to finding herself a lawful wedded bank account. London’s bush telegraph had been rife about the demise of Fergus’s father and his untimely death on the hunting field.  A higher frequency buzz was also being circulated at certain social gatherings reporting that despite the Grant's of Silkwoods not being listed in either Burkes or Debrett’s, Fergus was one of the most eligible bachelors around.

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