What was going on in my teenage brain is unfathomable to me now.  I was driven by the overwhelming desire to be expelled so I could spend more time with my dog and my horse.The only teacher that had any control over me was my English teacher, but only from the day, he asked us to write a poem.  I wrote hundreds, then moved on to short stories which he helped me get published and I became more focused and a little less defiant.

Unforgotten – Season 3 Finale

A fine performance by Alex Jennings as evil Tim Finch, who had me quaking in my pyjamas with that stare.  Overall, a great cast which including some of my favourite actors who made a great piece of TV drama really come alive, as in Seasons 1 and 2.

The Two Minute Grab Zone​

I was reading Lorenzo Carcaterra's Sleepers and I couldn't put it down, taking it into the Indian Ocean and reading it floating on my back, standing up and sitting in the warm, briny sea, until I finished it.  More recently, Adam Kay's This is Going to Hurt - The Diaries of a Junior Doctor, had the same effect, only I read most of it on a sun lounger.

Keeping Faith for a Season Two

Matthew Hall you've got to keep this going.  I need Evan (Ev-ahn) to go under the cosh.  

Stunning Welsh TV Drama – Keeping Faith

Lovely the woods, waters, meadows, combes, vales, Gerard Manley Hopkins My step-father's family came from Wales and were living in bucolic Anglesey when he was born. I have always been drawn to the country, spending many holidays enjoying the breathtaking beaches of the Pembrokeshire coast, as well as returning to the Hay Festival, time and... Continue Reading →

Smouldering Strike

The gorgeous Tom Burke as Strike and Holliday Grainger as his equally gorgeous partner-in-solving-crimes, Robin Ellacott.  They smolder so well on-screen together you can see virtual steam coming out the TV.

Channel 4’s Live Debate 29th May 2017 – Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn v Jeremy Paxman

Paxman tried to completely out speak Jeremy Corbyn who took it all in his stride, even if an exasperated Corbyn had to say 'Let me finish!' too many times. Paxman seemed to tone it down a little for Theresa May, but managed to descend to the murky depth of name calling. Blowhard was well out of order. So, whilst I am on the subject of name calling Mr Paxman, boorish and windbag have just sprung to mind.

We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

Imagine a sisterhood—across all creeds and cultures. An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another. That we will remember we don’t know what struggles each of us may be facing elsewhere in our lives and so we will assume that each of us is doing our best ... Gillian Anderson

 12/02/2017 – Jonny Labey and Chrissy Brooke win ITV’s Dance, Dance, Dance

Chrissy’s solo last week dancing to Sia’s Chandelier, bought tears to my eyes … such passion. Jonny’s Smooth Criminal routine did not disappoint either.

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