DO IT TODAY! – A message from my top Blog Dog

Lose your heart to a dog ... like I did.

For the love of dogs … if you feel their pain … help stop Yulin Now!

Dogs are snared around the neck with metal hooks, dragged from their cages, then either bludgeoned or stabbed in the neck or groin to be “bled out”. Or they are hanged or electrocuted. It is likely that the dogs witness multiple deaths of their own.

For the love of dogs #StopYulin

During a 10 day period in China every year an estimated 10,000=15,000 dogs are consumed at The Yulin Dog Meat Festival. It should be renamed The Barbaric Annual Yulin Dog Slaughter and it only started in the 1990's. Together, we need to put a stop to this ...

Talk to Cassie – Doodle the Dandy Dinmont

Today I have been helping Doodle a young Dandy Dinmont who is being traumatized by his family's cat. When Doodle arrived at his new home, he was so happy.  He had his own room, his own little bed, delicious food and his new family were giving him lots of love and attention. He thought that he had chosen his... Continue Reading →

The Diaries of Cassie The Blog Dog

I hate having a bath!  When will Tessa get the message?  We went for a great walk today but I got very muddy, so ended up in the kitchen sink.  I hate it.  I know I look great when I've been blown dry .... but... ! We have this new shampoo which makes me smell... Continue Reading →

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