A short extract from the penultimate edit of Defining Moments a bittersweet coming of (middle) age story about Baby Boomer, Lisa Grant, who struggles to sustain a long-term relationship because of the fallout from her dysfunctional childhood. Let me introduce you to her Mother...

Sassenach finds Sun in Scotland

With a heavy heart, I heaved my backpack over my shoulders. “I love you,” I said hoarsely, taking one last look at her normally loving limpid pool eyes, which glowered disbelievingly back at me, daggers drawn and feeling like the biggest shit of all time, I slipped out the front door.  Mental note to self...... Continue Reading →


Even Cassie the Blog Dog was feeling the pace after yesterday's sherpa experience.

COUNTDOWN TO KESWICK – A Stroll around Queen’s Valley

There is something very calming about water and there is a unique stillness in Queen's Valley.

COUNTDOWN TO KESWICK – Upping the Fitness Regime​

Eleven days and counting... I Named My Dog ‘5 Miles’ So I Can Tell People I Walk 4 Miles Every Day! http:/ I do walk every day, the way my writing companion, Cassie the Blog Dog, looks at me is enough to get me out of the house and up the road. As soon as we... Continue Reading →

Character Building

There is nothing more complex and fascinating than a Homo Sapien.

Home is where Cassie the Blog Dog is

“You see, sometimes in life, the best thing for all that ails you has fur and four legs.” ― Mark J. Asher, All That Ails You: The Adventures of a Canine Caregiver I am leaving this wonderful climate tomorrow ... with a heavy heart. I am fully recovered from the lurgy I arrived with but... Continue Reading →


A little Friday cheer from Cassie the Blog Dog ... click on the link below to watch her video.

Carpe Diem – New Year’s Resolution to Start Blogging Again

Cassie The Blog Dog and I have just been for a walk. Cassie to burn off some her exuberant joie de vivre and me to burn off the calories and the after effects of last night's plummy little Merlot. The sun was out, albeit a watery glow in the sky. I walked and she tore through the fields like a gazelle about to go into orbit. She is a joy to watch and I wish I had an nth of her va va voom.

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