THE DOTAGE DIARIES – I’ve Finally Joined the Craft Club

So how come I can remember what my homework was when I was eleven and I can't remember which floor of the multi-story car park I left my car an hour earlier? Decreased blood flow to the brain, apparently, so I’m off to see if I can remember how to stand on my head to precipitate a rush of blood to my brains.

Basic Organic Charm

I don't think my mother read any of my literary contributions since I had poetry published at eleven when she had high hopes that I would become Gloucestershire's answer to William Wordsworth.  Oh, and helping my step-father piece together his aeronautical autobiography, of course.

Morning Muse – Soggy Sunday

About as lyrical as I can wax on this soggy Sunday is... wet and grey. Unlike Freaky Friday, when the pink and orange hues of the sunrise, spread hopefulness and inspiration over a darkened world.

5th September 2018

I've moved on from binge watching Game of Thrones, along with the other addicted viewing millions as we wait, anxiously twiddling our fingers, for Season 8 to explode on to our screens in 2019.

The things I do to try and get myself into print…

"You can't really go wrong if you aim for 500-800 words and, for sure, keep the thing to less than 1,000 words. Agents asking for a 1-page synopsis are being unrealistic. Anyone who wants more than 1,000 words doesn't know what a synopsis is." Thank you Jericho Writers, I keep reminding myself of this.... Continue Reading →

When the Editing Process gets to you…

"Do you own this comma?' "I do M'lady, yes, his name is Cid and I also own that full stop." "Do you know that Cid is in the wrong place?"

Sleep to Dream

So what triggered my subconscious to weave teleportation into my dream?

And… breathe…

I never normally turn to acts of violence to vent my feelings.

It’s Monday and I’m Pissed Off Already

So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends - but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more-positive partnership Julio Alexi Genao I have done something fairly major to my knee, so walking is a painful process.  I am 'in training' for the Lake District at the beginning of June,... Continue Reading →

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