Artists for Grenfell


DO IT TODAY! – A message from my top Blog Dog

Lose your heart to a dog ... like I did.

4th February 2017 – World Cancer Day

Instead of building walls between countries we should be focussing on pulling together to fight diseases such as cancer and at you can find out ways you can help. Fight the fight and find a cure.  

Support Comic Relief

Love this.  Long time fan of French, Saunders, Lumley et al .... Donate to Comic Relief now!

Animal Abuse – Stop it Now!

On average, every 10 seconds someone in England and Wales dials the RSPCA's 24 -hour cruelty line for help.  In 2013, they received 1,327,849 phone calls. Animal cruelty is something that is alien and abhorrent to me.  What triggers a person to inflict pain and suffering on any animal?  It is beyond all comprehension and I find it horrifying that it is... Continue Reading →

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