And now a Matador is dead …. STOP BULLFIGHTING NOW!

SIGN THE PETITION @ 11th July 2016 Above photo is of the 28-year-old Matador Victor Barrio who was gored to death on Saturday I am actually doing it! It's the perfect blend of adventure and culture. I'm hooked Joe Escalante  - Bullfighter from the USA Adventure and Culture? On Friday, as the news starting filtering... Continue Reading →

Cincinnati Zoo – The Moral Debate

I see from their website that Cincinatti Zoo are in the process of raising money to build a bigger and better gorilla facility. So was this enclosure flawed in some way? It does raise a big question about how the child gained access to the enclosure, unsupervised or not. That said, all children when being taken to such a facility should be under strict supervision by their parents. Zoos are not adventure playgrounds.

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