Animal Horror Stories

I know I am very lucky. I love my family and they love me. I am taken for great walks every day, I get groomed every day, which I don’t really like but I know it has to be done. Nobody ever forgets to feed me, which is why I am always upset to read about dogs whose families don’t seem to care about them.

From time to time you hear about people moving house and leaving cats to fend for themselves, but this is a shocking story from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania where a puppy was left in a trash can after her owners moved house.

A sanitation worker, Nathan Binnie, was on his rounds when he noticed something in front of a house. A puppy, stuffed in a dustbin, her head sticking out of a bag. How could anybody do that? Nice Mr Binnie gave the puppy his lunch, but this is what she looked like


The puppy was taken to the Humane Society of Westmoreland County who stated that this was one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that they had seen.

The puppy’s teeth look like that of a five-year-old dog, but she is only 10 months and she should weigh about 50 pounds, but only weighs 17. She had been starved over an extended period and is being gradually reintroduced to food.

It turns out that the pup was microchipped and so I really hope that they trace the owner soon, so they can be appropriately punished, for doing such a terrible thing.

Hope you are feeling loads better Pup
Love Cassie

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