I was born in Yorkshire in an era before mobile phones and social media. I’ve written on a freelance basis for years, whilst holding down a proper job, taking a creative writing break to write songs and to co-write a factual book.

I have written under the name of Tessa Barrie since I was 19.  I was writing for the local rag and didn’t want my mother to know that the slightly risqué pieces appearing on a weekly basis originated from my keyboard. Tessa, after my Springer Spaniel and the blatant misspelling of Barry. I was, and I still am, openly Cococabana, since being blown away by Barry Manilow performing at Wembley and turning a solo performance in a full-on musical extravaganza.

I kind of fell into blogging about eighteen years ago, whilst blowing my own trumpet about my own music, as well as waxing lyrical about other artists and bands. These days, I blog from the heart and where the world takes me.

In June 2019, I finished writing my first novel… Just Say It, a bittersweet story about how growing up with a narcissist mother affects one woman’s life.  

Writing the book was the easy part, finding an agent is proving to be the ultimate test in self-belief, along with keeping faith in my characters and the story they have to tell.  

I may well self-publish, but if all else fails… I’ve started writing another one.




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