GRAMMARLY – A Sort of Review

I’m grateful to Word Press for introducing me to Grammarly, but I’ve been resisting the temptation to buy it and download it onto my Mac, having successfully convinced myself that I would buy it as some sort of reward for

a) Getting shortlisted for a competition or
b) Finding myself an agent

But no, I couldn’t wait, and I’m a sucker for a bargain.   Grammarly made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, for the first year anyway, and thank goodness I took them up on it.

I have spent the last three hours, getting into Grammarly having uploaded one of the manuscripts I’ve been sending to agents and publishers.  

Well… I am appalled and embarrassed in equal measures.  Grammarly has homed in on an eye-watering amount of gaffs, that has left me wondering if English really is my first language.  Only a mini-explosion in the kitchen made put down my Mac and galvanise myself into firefighter mode and find out that the egg I’d put on to boil, an hour before, had blown up in the pan.

So, I’ve no regrets about buying Grammarly.  I wish I had bought it months ago.  And, if I do get shortlisted for a competition or find myself an agent to work with, we will all know why.



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    1. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. I couldn’t recommend Grammarly more highly after yesterday’s eye-opening findings. When editing a 90,000-word document, time and time again, I tend to go word blind and miss stuff. I see words that aren’t actually there during read-throughs! It also gives you a better idea about how to express yourself. So for me, it’s win-win all round.

  1. Too funny, Tessa. I have a WP site and so am familiar with Grammarly, but didn’t know you could download it for a price. Interesting. Does it catch all typos or just ones related to grammar? Also, since much of contemporary writing is based in knowing how to “break” the rules to achieve an interesting voice and not sound pedantic, do you find Grammarly too “stodgy”?

    1. Hi Amy… I am delighted with Grammarly. I couldn’t be more happy with it. It actually makes rethink how to express the message I am trying to get across. It’s made me look at chunks of text and rewrite them from a different perspective. I honestly wish I’d bought it before.

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