The Feeling Never Dies

Extract from Just Say It © 2019 Tessa Barrie

‘When you touch a man’s body, he will enjoy the moment, when you touch a man’s heart he will remember it forever.’

Dixie Waters

9th October 1980

Lisa’s memory of what had happened before she woke up with Jack Wilde the morning after her 21st birthday party may have been hazy but Jack, despite the alcoholic fug inside his head, remembered every second.

They had thrown their clothes off around 4.00a.m.   Lisa had performed her undressing routine whilst singing Honey Bun from South Pacific, modifying the lyrics where appropriate.

His hair is black and curly – the bit where she planted both hands on his head whilst his eyes were riveted to her perfectly formed breasts, jiggling up and down to the rhythm of the synchronised beat.

His curls are curly-whirly – the bit where she ruffled the curls of his jet-black hair and he studied her face.  She was trying to sing whilst laughing.  He had always loved the way she laughed, a soft unstoppable, very infectious giggle.

His lips are pips – the bit where she brushed his lips with hers.

I call his hips wildey and wildey – the bit where she grabbed his naked buttocks and they danced around the room.

For her finale, Lisa threw herself face down on to the bed and Jack followed, the mattress springs protesting before they gave way.

‘Oh shit!  I need a new bloody mattress anyway.’

They both laughed until they cried; as if cavorting naked was something they had been doing together for years.  But the show wasn’t quite over.  Lisa, sitting naked and cross-legged on the bed, began to read from her manuscript of They Always Look At The Mother First in her best pissed Foghorn-Leghorn-upper-crust voice.

‘Ith’s a story about a mother and daughter, Jack,’ she slurred.  ‘And ith’s loothly disguised as fiction.  Here we go…’

Jack thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard and laughed until his ribs ached. ‘Shame mine is a historical press. If it was a hysterical press, I could get that published tomorrow.  I’ve really felt for you over the years… being stuck with a mother like Elizabeth.’

‘Tell mees about it! And sheeez only forty now! I will be schtuck with her for eeeyons!  But don’t feel shorry for me, Jack, I adopted your mother years ago.’

When her eyelids started to close, she threw the rest of the pages over her head and slumped back against the pillows.  Jack lay down next her pulling the covers over them both and wrapped his arms around her.

‘I’ve wanted to be this close to you for a very long time,’ he whispered, but she didn’t hear the words he had been longing to say, as she melted into his arms and passed out with a little snore.

He smiled, brushing her lips with his, a light, lingering kiss, savouring the moment, before pressing her sleeping body to his.

The sensation of her chest rising and falling against his own, combined with her soft breath against his neck, took him by surprise.  His heart missed a few beats before accelerating inside his chest, his whole body overwhelmed by a surge of emotion, a feeling so powerful, more than sexual. Lisa had claimed his heart and, without him realising it, she had, somehow, reached into his soul. He felt if he lost her now, his world would fall apart. How blind he had been.


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