PUNCTUATION: The Importance of Getting it Right!

A couple of weeks ago, I was pretty pumped to hear I had made the Longlist of a Short Story Competition. Yay, I thought, a step closer to making it to a Shortlist.  As it turns out, my story was agonisingly close to making the Shortlist on this occasion.

Just a hair’s breadth away… or just a comma in the wrong place away.

My fragile writer’s euphoric bubble burst this morning when I opened my emails and received a critique from the competition organisers.

I hadn’t made the shortlist because of a few surprising punctuation errors’.  

How could I do this to myself?  After all those days, weeks and months editing just under 3000 words and my punctuation lets me down – Exclamation Mark.  

So, what hope is there for the book-in-progress if I can’t pick out punctuation errors in a short story?

The editing process has been getting to me for some time now.   Big time.

Waking up from a dream… gasping for breath after running for miles with the characters in my book, pursued by an angry mob of commas and semicolons.

It’s me that they want.  It is me that has offended them… by putting them in the wrong place.

I am happy to be on a Longlist, don’t get me wrong, but I won’t be letting sloppy punctuation let my writing down again.😠 Oh, no!

It is time for me to get a grip because, as I’m beginning to discover there is a very fine line between rejection and acceptance.

It’s time to get my ducks in a row and my punctuation in the right place. 🦆‼️🦆 ⁉️🦆 ❓🦆🤣 🦆



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