Money can’t buy you love: as Lisa Grant finds out very early on in her life.  Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, to grossly mismatched parents. Elizabeth, her cold, narcissist Mother harbours dark secrets from her past. Fergus, her handsome, charismatic Father, Fergus is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality.  By the time Lisa is six-years-old, she is abandoned by both parents, the essential raw ingredients to becoming an emotionally stunted adult.

Defining Moments is a bittersweet coming of (middle) age story about Baby Boomer, Lisa Grant, ex-columnist for Focal Point magazine, who struggles to sustain a long-term relationship because of the fallout from her dysfunctional childhood.  

Broke and alone, her fortieth birthday looming, she faces up to the ghosts from her past, confronts the negative emotional hold her narcissist mother has over her and digs herself out of her self-dug rut.