The Universe tends to throw things at you in threes.  Lisa had survived the corporal punishment inflicted by Miss Laverty, coped with the loss of Eileen and is about to be hit by a third devastating blow.


“But now I am Six

I’m as clever as clever

So I think I’ll be six now forever and ever.”

A. A. Milne

‘Your daughter has an excellent grasp of the English language, Mr Grant,’ the headmistress told Fergus when he picked Lisa up from school one day.  ‘She is quite the little storyteller.  She enjoys writing stories and reading them to her classmates. There are some very happy little bunnies in Lisa’s year.’

Fergus always used to take Lisa to and from school.  On the rare occasions Elizabeth graced Silkwoods with her presence, she would still be having breakfast in bed or a protracted lunch with the ladies, which precluded her from doing either of the school runs.

Towards the end of the summer term of 1965, Fergus dropped his daughter off at school and after Lisa slammed the car door shut, he wound the window down.


‘Yes, Pooh.’

‘I’m off to catch a trout for your supper from the stream in the Hundred Acre Wood.’

‘I’ll look forward to eating it.  Bye, Pooh… I love you.’

‘Love you more, Piglet.’  He waved goodbye, blew her a kiss then drove away.

Later that day, when Lisa rushed through the school gates, she found Jim waiting to collect her, which would be an arrangement that would last for the next four years until she was shipped off to boarding school.