Close Encounter

Hearing him speak her name caught her off-guard.

Shit! He knows who I am,  she thought, doing her best to ignore him and carry on working.  Then he started making a big deal about squeezing past her desk.  Nobody else had a problem and for some reason, this unnecessary manoeuvre warranted leaning over the top of her desk, so she was given the opportunity of a very alarming close-up.


Same coloured eyes: green – don’t panic, it’s just a coincidence.

Slightly flushed cheeks: most likely the result of climbing the stairs – definitely a coincidence.

Then he flashed his teeth as he grinned at her triumphantly having extracted himself from between the wall and her desk.  She snapped her top lip shut. Oh my God, the same bloody teeth.  It’s all got to be a horrible coincidence, I can’t possibly be related to him.


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