Are you old enough to remember what you were doing fifty odd years ago?  More specifically,  can you remember what you were doing on the 9th April 1969, the day Brian Trubshaw piloted the first flight of Concorde 002 from Filton to Fairford? If you can, I would love to hear from you.

BBC image of first flight 002
Concorde 002 taking off from Filton on 9th April 1969 with Brian Trubshaw at the controls, one month after its French counterpart Concorde 001 piloted by Andre Turcat.                                           Photo Credit: BBC 

I can tell you Easter that year was 3rd-7th April 1969… if that helps.  Sadly, I can’t remember what I was doing or where I was, but the 9th April 1969 was during the school holidays.

Why do I want to know?  Because I have a vested interest; not only will the 9th April 2019 be the fiftieth anniversary of the first flight of Concorde 002, but the late Brian Trubshaw was my step-father.  I was immensely proud of Brian, as well as everybody else involved in the production of this sleek miracle of modern technology, The Concorde Family.

A big thank you to James Parsons for sharing this

So I would like to publish a collection of memories of what people were doing on that day.  Did you witness Concorde 002 taking off at Filton? Were you in the crowds at Fairford when she landed?  Or did you watch it on TV?  Wherever you were in the world and if the first flight of Concorde 002 was a memorable occasion for you, I would love to hear from you @ tessabarrielostblogs@gmail.com. Please, could you title your email Concorde Memories. Many thanks.

My aim is to collate all the responses I receive and publish them, either on my website or in book form, closer to the fiftieth-anniversary date of the first flight of 002, the 9th April 2019.  If published in book form, any proceeds from the sale will be donated to an appropriate charity.


I would also like to know who generated this image… just to say thank you.


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  1. Thanks for tagging me to this post ,I saw the first flight of Concorde 002 on the 9 th April 1969 . I was a 17 year old aircraft electrician apprentice at that time. I was working on the S38n department ,which was based in the Brabazon hangar. I remember that 002 had a huge amount of test equipment on the aircraft, which were connected with large amounts of orange coloured cables.
    The aircraft also had a escape hatch fitted ,and the crew had parachutes.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this. The plan at the moment is to collate all the responses I receive and publish them, either on my website or in book form, closer to the fiftieth-anniversary date of the first flight of 002, the 9th April 2019. If published in book form any proceeds from the sale would go to an appropriate charity. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Tessa. I worked on Concorde prototype 002 as an electrical technician apprentice and worked in the Flight Test Department. I witnessed the first flight standing at the side of the runway in front of the Brabazon Hangar.
    As she finally disappeared in the distsance I watched the landing at Fairford on TV set up inside.

    I eventually ended up at Fairford Flight Test Centre so got to know Brian very well and flew on many test flights and away trips as part of a great team.

    1. HELLO Tessa I sasw Brian and the crew on board at Filton strapping them in – watched 002 take off then raced it to Fairford — it beat us – my job Safety Equipment – very close to the crew – and i flew behind EBT in the 4th crew seat several times – he called me Dag!! and I was aware that if he said ‘buster’ to anyone — watch out!! Excellent pilot very pleasant to know and work for. I am now i/c the Concorde (Flight Test) Association with the 50th coming up,and finding it difficult to get Filton to respond – so things are in limbo -however one will push — or I may be using the word ;Buster to a few people — it worked for Brian !! Keep it touch Sally – very best wishes … Dag >>>

      1. Great story Dag! Thanks so much for sharing and I will definitely be keeping in touch.

  3. After a very long delay Ireturned to Filton Flight Ops the other day They always say never go back Flight Ops Building is now part of the housing development and is being used at this time by the builders as a headquarters I met a very nice young lady from Air Bus publicity dept who came down to Flight Ops and it just happened coincide with my visit Well I think it was a coincident I asked the question what happened to all the Paintings the furniture etc The best she could offer was maybe it ended up at A/c 16 site on the other side of the airfield Which I visited last week which is another story very similar to the story of my visit back to Flt Ops at RAF Fairford Large skips were mentioned Hey Ho

  4. It’s so long ago Bob, but I’m pretty sure that Brian came home with things from his office such as photos and models of aircraft…

  5. Yes a very long time ago I can’t belive it’s 50 years next year After the film I saw at Cribbs the other day (Huston we have a problem) I remember a number of times after 1969 The man said Technique we have a problem all on 134*5 we thought all our comms then were very high class when you think now what can be done with a i phone However I wish we were still at it and still with all the grand people we did all with Regards Bob

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