At the tender age of fifteen, Lisa believed she was going to be the first one-woman equivalent of Rodgers and Hammerstein II and mounted a production of her first completed musical.  

South Sea Island Blues was a skit on one of her favourite shows, South Pacific.   Whilst at boarding school, she auditioned feverishly and, despite the reluctance of fair English public schoolgirls coming forward to audition for a part as of one of the heavily tattooed sailors, she got the project off the ground.

Casting herself in the leading role of Nollie Fairtree, she snuck one of South Pacific’s most iconic songs, Honey Bun into the score … as a tribute to Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

She had always intended to cast herself in the lead role. She had learned Nellie Forbush’s part off by heart by the age of six and after that, she was often asked to perform Honey Bun by any easily manipulated audience.  Unfortunately,  this self-indulgent casting caused some friction between herself and Connie Cookson who, unbeknown to all her friends, was harbouring an ambition to make acting her career.  An ambition sadly squashed when she left school and auditioned for RADA.

Lisa did write some big songs for this one-off performance, especially the finale number, inevitably called South Sea Island Blues, managing to get the audience, who consisted of village locals, and teachers, on their feet and singing along …

I’ve got m’look, I’ve got the sun, I’ve got m’number one tan,

I’ve got the South … sea … island bluoooooes!

Lisa’s performance as Nollie Fairtree singing Honey Bun bought the house down, much to Connie’s pique.  She was pleased with how the show had gone, especially as it raised £300 for charity.

After the initial post-production fervour, it was time to knuckle down and study for her O’Levels.  During her spare time, she wrote short stories and articles for magazines.  Seeing her work in print, so soon after she had written them, gave her a buzz.   Maybe pursuing her dream to win a Grammy for a musical might take a very long time.  South Sea Island Blues was her first and the last musical theatre production Lisa deciding to pursue a career in journalism instead.




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