Flying Mini-Break with Bug on Board

Germ monster
Don’t leave home without me

What is it about me and travelling with bugs of the viral kind?

I sit at home for weeks looking forward to a few days off-island and 2 or 3 days before I am due to travel, mucky little germs hop on to my weak spot … my trachea.  Hanging on with their gooey little suckers, leaving me voiceless, at best honking like a goose, with the sore throat from Hell.  When I try to swallow it feels like there’s a handful of gravel stuck in the back of my throat.  But … hey …

In a couple of hours, I will be flying from Jersey to Gatwick and onward to the ancient city of Canterbury, Kent, UK and home of the inspiring Canterbury Cathedral and so many other historical treasures I cannot wait to see.

Brighton Pav
Brighton Pavilion

Moving on to Brighton on Saturday, home of the Brighton Pavilion and the Iron Boot Scrapers.

The Iron Boot Scrapers – Photo Credit: John Brewer

Bug be damned … I’m on my way.

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