Tales from the Didsbrook Writer’s Group …

‘Sit! Sit! Sit!’ Edna Fowler beams at us all warmly whilst smoothing out a few ripples in the waterproof tablecloth that she always uses when making her rosewood dining room table available for our weekly Didsbrook Writer’s Group meetings.

‘Welcome everybody. I trust we’ve all had a productive 7 days? I’ve never stopped. Talk about a purple patch!’ She laughed and her voluptuous breasts wobbled in synch. the elephants trumpet

The words Dulcie Darling and the Elephant’s Trumpet by E. D. Fowling 3 of 3 are emblazoned diagonally across the front of her bulging fuchsia pink ring binder. Edna is convinced she is going to be Didsbrook’s answer to J. K. Rowling, hence the rather suspect non-de-plume.

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Written by Tessa Barrie

Writer and blogger from Jersey in the Channel Islands UK who believes life is too short to be niche. 🙃 Currently working on her first novel.

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