A Urinal Too Far

I rarely stick my head above the parapet because it’s bound to get blown off.  The last time I dared to Tweet about a certain politician, all be it tongue in cheek, I lost half my followers.

When I finish here you might find me on TripAdvisor as I feel obliged to warn fellow women travellers to Holland, especially those with dodgy pelvic floors, of the pitfalls of being in the buzzy nightime hub of Amsterdam’s Leidseplein district after closing time.

There are 35 public mens urinals in Amsterdam and only 3 ladies public lavatories.  If you happen to be a woman in the Leidseplein district after closing time and you are desperate to pee you have three choices.

  • Hold it in for a 2 mile jog to the nearest ladies lav
  • Risk pulling your pants down and straddling one of the abundant urinals or
  • You can pee in the street like 23 year old Geerte Piening (pictured above) dared to do when things got desperate, with her friends providing a human privacy screen and getting fined €90 at a later date

The judge alledgedly told her that she should have used one of the many men’s facilities. What a load of bull****.


That would mean there would be more than just an outside chance of us women being fined for exposing our derrières.  Alternatively ladies don’t forget to pack your SheWee for the ultimate Amsterdam experience … Ja!


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