The Blogging Brother and Sisterhood

I am two years into writing my first novel and I am finding that it is a lonely place to be, but it is nowhere near as isolating as writing a blog.


I started writing this blog in May 2014 without giving too much thought to exactly what I was going to be blogging about.  A bit like throwing myself into writing a novel but, with my first venture into fiction, a vague plotline had been eating its way into my subconscious for quite some time.

I used to blog about up-and-coming bands and artists, but I had an overwhelming need to blog about anything and everything.  I needed to let rip and life’s too short to be niche.

For the first three years, I could count my daily visitors on one hand and I was thinking

What’s the point?

My Lost Blogs are disappearing into infinity without being read.

crying gif

There have been so many times when I have been tempted to throw in the blogging towel, but bloggers like Debi Stangeland will give you five very good reasons why you should keep going.


I have persevered because of supportive comments from fellow bloggers.  The Blogging Brother and Sisterhood who know how cold it is out there in boundless cyberspace.   You know who you are … Berte @ The Naughty Bun, Jennifer Denise Pillion @ spring to mind and Abhijith Padmakumar whose motivational blog you will find @

Thanks to you all … I am planning to stick around for a bit longer.  

Blogging to infinity and beyond …


Cyberspace … a cold and lonely place …







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  1. You are appreciated. Keep on keeping on. There’s a reason you’re still meant to be here. I’m sure of it. When you know…please write a post about it. Highest and Best!!!

  2. Do stick around! I’m so happy I found you. I don’t always manage to write a reply (sometimes I just can’t find the words), but I always appreciate your posts. Happy to be among your blogging sisters.

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