Excerpts from various unfinished, finished, published and unpublished pieces of fiction and other literary efforts.


Memories are indisputably complex.  Uncanny recollections that arouse ingrained emotions from another time.  You either love them or you hate them.  Some are remembered with infinite ease, other’s need a jolt, a trigger.  A certain smell, a particularly beautiful summer’s evening or the sound of a blackbird’s song.  In recall you sometimes embellish the truth.  Some memories just fade into oblivion.  Some do not.  Entrenched.  Deep rooted inside the very core of your soul and stay with you for your lifetime.

Friends are similar.  Some stay around.  Some go.  Some drift out of your life and just happen to drift back in when you need them.  Memories and friends, so closely entwined.  Good friends are like diamonds.  when-you-have-a-best-friend-never-let-them-go.pngYou don’t often come across them and once you have found them, or the other way around, never let them go.

You claw at life’s crust with your bare hands trying to make some sense of your life and the people in it.  Occasionally Lady Luck may feel benevolent towards you and you stumble upon a gem that sparkles brighter than the sun.  When that happens to you, you must never let that bright star slip through your fingers.  Never let go.

Written by Tessa Barrie

Writer and blogger from Jersey in the Channel Islands UK who believes life is too short to be niche. 🙃 Currently working on her first novel.

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