Dare to be Different – Flaunt your Uniqueness

Good style – regardless of fads – means the thing that suits your body.

Natalie Dormer

I have never really understood the desire for sameness, the global trend towards uniformity.   The got-to-have latest fashions and fads.  Yet, jeans have always been a part of my image.

Jeans – an essential part of everybody’s wardrobe and they’ve been around for years well, thanks to Levi Strauss, since 1873

I guess as a teenager, you want to blend in and be a part of the crowd and not stand out from it but, we are all unique … baby we were all born this way.  So let your uniqueness fly and just be yourself.

Let your uniqueness fly …

I am relieved to have reached the age when I no longer feel I have to make a fashion statement … my wardrobe consists of what I can get into on any given day … but how I look will always be a reflection of who I am.

struggling to get into clothes
Tight Trouser Day


The thought of dyeing the colour of my underarm hair doesn’t do it for me …

unicorn armpit hair

and shaving my lady bits … actually makes my hair curl …

shaving.png highlighting one of the problems of shaving your sensitive bits

Teetering around on heels all day? I have a choice and I say no thank you, that’s just not who I am

falling over in heels.jpg

Am leaving being queen of the catwalk image to Lady Gaga.  Fashion statements are part of her DNA and she flaunts them so well.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga flaunting her uniqueness
Photo 21-04-2013 19 34 26
The way I look … reflects who I am.

We are all born unique and we should embrace our uniqueness.



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